Sad Videos Be Like..

Is it just me or does sad videos always seem forced and a stretch to get more money?? I feel that way. There are far and few in between actual sad videos on this platform. Enjoy 🙂


COULD WE DO THIS?? – A Message To Nigahiga

Ryan Higa, if you so happen to watch this, Hello. My name is Darries Hill. I am deeply inspired by you and I want to see if you would be down for an interview. Enjoy 🙂

TEEN TITANS GO IS SET IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?! Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go Theory – #ScooterTheory

Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go are extremely profound for what they did to cartoon network, in their time respectively. The only thing is that they are nothing alike even though the cast and voice actors are still the same. Enjoy 🙂


YouTubers only share a few details into why they are upset sometimes with the way YouTube operates. I am going to try and dive into more details, probably unsuccessfully. Enjoy 🙂

WE ARE SOULMATES!! – A Message To Tessa Brooks

Did anyone believe I was actually doing this?? Tessa Brooks is a beautiful female and let me tell you, someone like me is the type of person that she needs. Enjoy 🙂