SQUASHING BEEF!! – Scooter Talks Episode 1

Join me! As I along with Scooter Tube’s favorite co-host Noah talk and try to squash what has come between us! Enjoy 🙂


RESPOND VIDEO!! – A Message To noahison (Noah Hall)

Who all knew this was going to happen? Just me? Oh ok. Watch as I debunk noahison and tell the entire world what is actually going on. Enjoy 🙂


As a first video back I thought I would go all beginner MatPat and talk about Teen Titans GO! but with less energy of course because he is one of the youtubers who put all of his energy into making his videos. Enjoy 🙂

Darries Hill – Evolved (Syko Cypher 6) (Official Music Video)

GET THIS VIDEO 35 TO 40 LIKES!!!! I’m definitely not going to win, but I thought it would be really cool and amazing if I put a song and something special together at the end. I’m definitely winning the Syko Cypher 6 Contest. Enjoy 🙂

Death Note Movie Review & Summary

BONUS VIDEO, my analysis is complete. I have seen the death note film, a netflix original, and it honestly was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, minus all of the gore of course. Enjoy 🙂